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Skin Rash: When to See a Doctor

Sometimes, a skin rash is nothing but a minor annoyance. Skin rash treatment might consist of just an over-the-counter oral antihistamine or hydrocortisone cream. However, a Santa Barbara dermatologist knows skin rash treatment is not always so simple. There are a wide variety of medical diagnoses for skin rashes and many different causes. They can appear as blotches, blisters, or welts. They might be red, itchy, or scaly. Skin rashes can also occur anywhere on the body. Do you know when a skin rash is serious and requires medical attention? Learn when to seek medical attention from our Santa Barbara Dermatologist!

Contact our Santa Barbara dermatology clinic if:

  1. The rash is all over your body. This may be an indication of an infection or allergic reaction and should be assessed by a Santa Barbara dermatologist
  2. When you have tried over the counter remedies for your rash, but they aren’t working.
  3. If your rash has not gone away or improved within 48 hours.
  4. If your rash is spreading.
  5. If your rash is oozing or showing other signs of infection.
  6. If your rash is blistering
  7. If your rash is painful
  8. If your rash is interfering with your daily life
  9. If your rash has other symptoms, such as swelling, bleeding blisters, change in color

A skin rash can indicate an abnormal change in your skin color and texture. Skin rashes are usually caused by inflammation of the skin, which can have many causes. A skin rash is an area of irritated skin that may be swollen. Many skin rashes can be itchy, red, painful, and irritated. In some cases, a skin rash can lead to blisters or patches of dry skin. A skin rash can be a symptom of many other medical problems. Skin rash can be caused by irritating substance and allergies. There are certain genes that can get people more likely to get a skin rash. Common rashes include eczema, Poison Ivy, Hives, and Athletes Foot. Infections can also cause rashes. The type of infections that cause skin rashes include fungal, bacterial, parasitic, and viral.

One of the most common types of skin rash is Contact Dermatitis. This skin rash can cause redness, itching, and tiny red bumps on your skin. You can get Contact Dermatitis by touching irritants such as different chemicals or something you are allergic to, such as Poison Ivy. Some skin rashes develop right away, and others form over several days. Even though most skin rashes clear up fairly quickly, some can be long-lasting and may required long-term treatment by a Santa Barbara dermatologist.

Most skin rashes can be self-medicated and may be cleared up in a few days, but if your skin rash is not getting any better after a few days, it is recommended that you contact a Santa Barbara Dermatologist. At Lux Dermatology here in Santa Barbara we treat every type of skin rash.

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