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Spring Skin Las Vegas

Quick Tips to Spring Clean Your Skin


Spring is traditionally a time for cleansing, rejuvenating, and renewing and as the world begins to look fresh and new… so should your skin! Transitioning your skin from winter to spring involves removing all those old, dry skin layers and taking measures to replace them with new, exfoliated layers. All it takes is proper skin care knowledge from esteemed dermatologists to help your skin look younger and brighter.


Facials are a great way to help get circulation flowing as they reach down deep into your pores and remove dead skin cells below the surface. Our Pumpkin Warm and Restore Facial revitalizes dull skin with a powerful blend of enzymes and brighteners that will leave you with a more luminous complexion. Schedule an aesthetic facial, like our Illuminating Layer Facial or our Vitamin C Facial and experience the wonders of repairing, brightening, and strengthening your skin.


Masks go hand-in-hand with facials and when used in combination have been proved to be especially effective. They provide your skin with moisture on a much deeper level thus allowing your skin to get back to being as healthy and resilient as it was before winter took over. All masks are different and have different healing powers. What’s more, masks can be custom made for your skin type or skin care preference!


Moisturizer is easily the most important skin care regimen on the market. No matter your age, demographic, or skin type, your skin requires moisture to stay healthy. Heavy creams are recommended for the dry winter months, but once spring rears its head it is recommended that you switch to lighter products such as; hydrating serums. We recommend Glo Therapeutics skin care products because they use innovative ingredients to target specific skin types without using parabens or dyes. Their serums aim to improve skin texture and tone by stimulating mild exfoliation and cell renewal.


Microdermabrasion actively works towards removing damaged and dead skin cells on the surface of the skin by means of revealing the healthy skin underneath. It also promotes collagen development which helps to significantly reduce the appearance of damage and even out your skin tone!


While you’re cleansing your skin this spring, take some time to cleanse your makeup too! Why would you take measures towards using any of the above treatments if you’re just going to keep applying that tired, old makeup anyway? Following a good skin care routine is only as effective as you make it. So, toss out your outdated makeup products.. you’ll thank us later. While you’re at it, purchase Glo Minerals Makeup to keep your skin nourished and protected all day long!


Kick start your spring skin care cleanse and schedule an appointment for product recommendations for your skin specifically! Call (702) 233 – GLOW (4569) or contact us online to discover what we can do for you and your skin!

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